We, at Sakai Sangyo co., Ltd, would like to offer children the very best products for children.This is the main motivation behind our toy brand 'Buchi'. We produce wooden toys with an emphasis on high quality, based on our experience as makers of educational toys such as play equipment or artwork kits, all made of wood. Mrs. Fumie Shibata, an experienced designer, created our toy brand 'buchi'  . These products have color fringes and express the harmony of the many types of trees used for their design. We give directions to several talented craftspeople in each studio in Japan in order to create the very best products. These craftspeople's goal is to give these toys a cozy and comfortable feel for children of all ages. With our 'Buchi' toys, we are confident that you will appreciate the high quality of Japanese craftsmanship.


柴田文江 Fumie Shibata

武蔵野美術大学工芸工業デザイン学科卒業後、家電メーカーデザインセンターを経て 、94年Design Studio S設立。家電製品から日用雑貨、医療機器までインダストリアルデザインを軸に幅広い領域で活動をしている。主な仕事に無印良品「体にフィットするソファ」 / オムロン「けんおんくん」/ カプセルホテル「9h (ナインアワーズ)」/ JR東日本ウォータービジネス「次世代自販機」ドイツIFデザイン賞金賞、毎日デザイン賞、グッドデザイン賞金賞など国内外で受賞歴多数。


Fumie Shibata is a Product Designer based in Tokyo. Focusing on Product Design, she has expanded her design activities in Industrial Design from daily goods to electronics and healthcare products. Her works have received tremendous acclaim in various Design Awards worldwide including, Gold Prize of if Award, red dot Design Award in Germany and Gold Prize of Good Design Award, MAINICHI Design Award awarded in Japan.

柴田文江/Fumie Shibata

Project Member

  • メーカー:酒井産業株式会社
  • プロダクトデザイン:柴田文江
  • グラフィックデザイン:廣村正彰
  • WEBデザイン:矢野賢史
  • 執筆:川合将人
  • 写真:伊藤彰浩
  • ディレクション:青木昭夫
  • Maker : Sakai Sangyo
  • Product design : Fumie Shibata
  • Graphic design : Masaaki Hiromura
  • Web design : Satoshi Yano
  • Writing : Masato Kawai
  • Photography : Akihiro Ito
  • Direction : Akio Aoki
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