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About This Website

This document applies to the website (from here onward referred to as “the Website”) managed and operated by Sakai Sangyo CO., LTD. (from here onward referred to as “Sakai Sangyo”).
Sakai Sangyo expects the information published on the Website to be completely reliable; however, the Company provides absolutely no guarantee whatsoever that the information is accurate, up to date, or useful to any of its customers.
Sakai Sangyo assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to its customers as a result of using the Website.
As a general rule, Sakai Sangyo may change or delete any information published on the Website without giving any prior notice to its customers.
Also, the Website may be interrupted or suspended at any time due to unavoidable reasons.
Sakai Sangyo assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to its customers as a result of any information being changed or deleted on the Website, or due to the interruption or suspension of the Website.

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*The Website may not function correctly if you use a browser other than the ones recommended or if you use a beta version (development version).
*We do not provide any guarantee that the Website will work with any OS or browser that is no longer supported.


The content published on the Website (text, images, audio, programs, etc.) is protected by each country's copyright law, as well as any other relevant laws and regulations.
The reproduction or repurposing of this content without prior consent from the rights holder is prohibited by law.
Furthermore, you must obtain prior permission from the rights holder in order to reprint or republish content from the Website onto a magazine, book, CD-ROM, etc. so please contact us first using the following contact details.

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