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Handling of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

Sakai Sangyo CO., LTD. (from here onward referred to as “the Company”) collects information (from here onward referred to as “Personal Information”) that allows it to identify a customer including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. only after obtaining prior consent from the customer.





  • ご購入商品の発送や、商品に関連するアフターサービスのご提供。
  • 当社商品やサービス等や各種イベント・キャンペーン等の開催についての電子メール、電話、印刷物を使用してのご案内。
  • 商品開発またはお客様へのサービス向上を目的としたアンケート調査。
  • 当社及び当社サービスに対するお客様からのご質問やご意見に対する回答。


  • 法令、条例その他関係当局の要請を受けた場合。
  • 前項(2.個人情報の利用に関して)に記した目的の遂行のために必要な範囲において、当社の「個人情報取扱方針」を遵守させた業務委託先に委託する場合。
  • その他法令上第三者への開示が許容される場合。



※cookie (クッキー)とは、サーバーコンピュータからお客様のブラウザに送信され、お客様が使用しているコンピュータのハードディスクに蓄積される情報です。

酒井産業 東京営業所 buchi事業部
東京都豊島区東池袋3-15-2 ライオンズビル604号
Tel : 03-3971-8828 Fax : 03-3971-3195
1.Collection of Personal Information

The Company collects the following Personal Information only after obtaining prior consent from the customer.

♦Collected Information:
 ◊ Name
 ◊ Address
 ◊ Telephone Number
 ◊ E-mail Address
 ◊ Information about the customer such as age, gender, occupation, etc.
 ◊ Current information about the customer in relation to the Company’s products.
 ◊ Customer feedback and comments about the Company or the service provided by the Company.
2.Usage of Personal Information

Personal Information collected from customers is only used for the following purposes:

  • To dispatch products purchased by the customer, as well as for any post-sale customer services in relation to those products.
  • To promote the Company's products, services, as well as all types of events and campaigns via e-mail, telephone, or printed materials.
  • For carrying out questionnaire surveys designed for the improvement of the Company's customer services or for the development of the Company's products.
  • To respond to customer enquiries or comments about the Company or services provided by the Company.
3.Disclosure of Personal Information

With the exception of the cases listed below, the Company shall always carry out appropriate management of all Personal Information collected from customers, and it shall never disclose or supply it to any third parties.

  • When requested by the relevant authorities in accordance to laws and regulations.
  • If deemed as necessary to entrust Personal Information to the Company's subcontractors in full adherence to the Company's “Personal Information Handling Policy” and for the purposes outlined in the previous article (2. Usage of Personal Information).
  • In any other case when disclosure of information to third parties is permitted in accordance to laws and regulations.
4.Disclosure, Amendment, Deletion of Own Personal Information

After identifying a customer's identity, the Company will accept and comply with requests for the disclosure, amendment, and deletion of personal information supplied by said customer.

5.Cookie Policy

“Cookies” are used to provide customers with a much more pleasant experience when using the Website. Cookies are small files sent by the web server; they are stored on a user's computer and they are used for the purpose of identifying that user's computer. Websites can only read information contained in the cookies, and they cannot have access to any other information stored on a user's computer. Additionally, cookies do not store any user identifiable information.
Customers may use their browser settings to disable cookies; however, this may cause part of the Website to stop working. *Cookies are sent from a PC server to a customer's browser and stored on the customer's computer hard disk.

6.Contact Details for Personal Information Enquiries/Complaints
Please use the contact details below for any enquiries with regard to the Company's handling of personal information, or for any information disclosure requests.
♦Contact Details for Personal Information Enquiries/Complaints
Sakai Sangyo, Tokyo Office, Buchi Devision
Tokyo office buchi devision
3-15-2 #604, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokto,170-0013
Tel : 03-3971-8828   Fax : 03-3971-3195
7.This Document
The contents of this “Personal Information Handling Policy” were updated on July 31, 2012. The Company shall constantly perform appropriate reviews of its “Personal Information Handling Policy” for its continuous improvement.
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